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Who We Are

TREELIFE is a Filipino company who is proud to be a part of this generation in providing premium quality products, as well as, helping to promote a healthier lifestyle to consumers all over the world.

We started farming in January of 2004, tilling 50 hectares of continuously hilly land in Sitio Kilmbay, Brgy. Kibudtungan, Carmen in the Cotabato province under the Green Philippines Program. After four years of painstaking soil reconditioning through planting of leguminous plants, application of organic fertilizers using vermin compost and contour farming, the coconut trees started bearing fruit in 2009.

In February of 2011, we chanced to meet with the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), which led us to be aware of the studies in regards to the importance of coconut sugar. The meeting inspired us to do further studies in knowing the health benefits of coconut sugar and its potential to help people suffering from diabetes and other health problems, and so TREELIFE was conceived.

TREELIFE employs local men and women of the surrounding area by providing them livelihood and additional income for their families. We provide standard training to each individual in production of world class coconut sugar, thereby uplifting the community and spirit of the farm.



Widely known as the “tree of life”, the coconut tree (Cocos Nucifera) has an endless list of products and by products derived from its various parts. From the tree, to the husk, to the oil – from food to drink, to shelter to cosmetic purposes. [Read more…]



TREELIFE promotes sustainable business practices – we are focused, we are determined. For every order placed, you will allow us to plant more coconut t…[Read More…]


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